Your read on the natural world.


Ashbryn Press is a boutique San Francisco publishing house focused on publishing quality natural history books. We were founded on the realization that our planet is facing an environmental crisis, ranging from climate change to overpopulation, from habitat destruction to species extinction. If we are to preserve this blue orb for future generations, we need a culture that appreciates the beauty and importance of the natural world.
Our goal is to inform—not only about the natural world today in such danger of being lost but about the natural world of the past and the early naturalists who recorded its wonders.
Our goal is to inspire—to bring about an appreciation of nature that will motivate our readers to demand greater environmental protection.
With the consolidation of the old-line publishing houses and retrenchment of many academic presses and natural history magazines, the opportunity for gifted natural history writers to have their voices heard has diminished. We need more of these voices, not fewer, if we are to bring about widespread change.
Ashbryn Press is looking for those original voices. We may be smaller than the big New York publishing houses, but we are more committed. With that commitment, we can change the world.